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Gift itemsWelcome to G Plants official website, we hope that this site gives you a full understanding of our company and the kind of work and services we provide.

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About G Plants

red tulipsG Plants provide retailers, mail order and nurseries of all sizes with seasonal plant and gift related items from loose amaryllis bulbs to fully merchandised displays. Our client portfolio ranges from single store operations to large multiple retailers.

Supply: We work with specialised growers of plants, bulbs and seeds to bring exclusive and new varieties to the consumer.

We provide own brand solutions for a number of leading retailers and undertake all brand management and design in confidence.

Products are chosen with the clients to find the best way to market for the products they choose from our ever growing range to suit their customer profile.


red tulipsBased both in the UK and Holland we operate our sales from the north west of England and have packing facilities in both Holland and the UK.

To supply consumers with quality and exclusive plant varieties at affordable prices

G Plants is an innovative and unique company. We feel that the way forward is to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We do this through service and marketing concepts as apposed to discussing cheaper me too products.

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G Plants' Services

The Services that G Plants provide are as follows:

Initial Consultation This will consist of a meeting that is designed to find out about the client's business and to establish their customer profile, once we have a good understanding of these two factors only then can we start to develop a suitable programme of products.

Product Development We develop product programs for the client after an initial consultation this is an area that's ever changing as new ideas and products are constantly being created. We will keep all of our clients up to date with what's happening in the global market place.

Customer Service We feel this is the largest contributing factor to the success of any business and as a result do our up most to provide our clients with the level of service that gives them the confidence that they are with a professional company.